RJD Risk Management, Inc.
RJD Risk Management, Inc.
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Industry: Business

Founded: 2013

RJD Risk Management, Inc. is led by Rick Dalrymple, an industry-recognized risk management strategist and insurance professional for more than 30 years.

Rick’s expertise has been recognized by the national media and radio, and leveraged at industry meetings and associations.  

He is the creator of RiskScore®, an industry leading product brought to the marketplace in conjunction with IOA Services. This tool has been validated by 30+ industry leading insurance firms and attorneys in the worker's compensation and labor law fields.  It is the beginning of a comprehensive system with significant benefits including:

  • Support for CEOs, C-Suite, and business leaders who want to improve their business operations and their costs.
  • Better Credit Scores for Business Operations  which reduces risks and the increased opportunity for underwriters to recognize this savvy with lower

As the business environment continues to evolve, organizations face unprecedented complexity in the marketplace including emerging challenges, systemic risks, and continuous regulatory change at all levels. For business leaders, the daily balance of pursuing corporate performance objectives, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements goes beyond risk management 101. It is one of the differences between those who are competing and struggling, those who are succeeding, and those who are known as best-in-class.rates.  This is where RJD Risk Management, Inc. comes in. Quite simply, we help companies stay smart and gain agility in their processes and market confidence.